Full time • Designation Level: B1 • 1 Vacancy

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Design and control processes to separate metals from ore
  • Monitor and test for corrosion
  • Develop ways to improve metals by making them stronger or more adaptable
  • Test metals to ensure they meet quality and safety standards
  • Design metal components and prototypes
  • Assess the physical structure and behavior of metals
  • Install and commission processing equipment
  • Research and develop test or repair technology and new products
  • Monitor quality standards in manufacturing and finishing
  • Take responsibility for health and safety issues of staff and components in manufacturing
  • Investigate accidents whose cause is suspected to be metallurgical failure
  • Write documents, manuals, metallurgical investigations, and reports in support of customer liaison

We are looking for someone with:

  • D.M.E. or B.E. degrees
  • A deeper understanding of QS systems and procedures
  • At least 3+ years of work experience in metallurgy
  • Knowledge of aftermarket requirements


  • Salary: ₹25,000 to ₹35,000 (Depends on Skill and Experience)